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I create experiences where we have intentional framework to support any discomforts with the utmost respect. I offer challenges that invite us to dig deep and gather an understanding of how we have always approached life, and possibly create a new path. I welcome sitting across from people who have different opinions and hearing their stories so I can view from a wider lens.

There are physical, emotional, creative and spiritual threads woven into each retreat so we can understand how these weave the blanket of life. Some will be driven with a physical aspect in mind, some with more creativity. All will include deep dives into emotions and spirit.


So along comes Deep Seeded Soul.

I work organically, with spirit, and am not being called to host any retreats at this time.
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    We are not pussyfooting here. We are dancing the delicate moves toward a rising. We are becoming the change we wish to see. We are writing a new narrative to suit the greater good. We are shining light in the darkness and tenderly moving through our shame and fears. Will this all happen in one retreat? Perhaps not, but I believe in catalysts and how little shifts of perspective can lead to huge leaps of growth. Just as we evolve, I expect the dynamics of Deep Seeded Soul to do the same. No one retreat will be the same as the next or the last.
    We will... be a small group dive deep gather for mindfully prepared, nutrient-dense meals dance, sometimes organized, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively assemble in nature, for she is our greatest teacher and always has a message listen. listen to one another. listen to Mother Nature. listen to our guides. listen to ourselves. practice yoga and meditation. we will sit still in our bodies and minds. create to process talk with respect. to ourselves. to others. hold one another and allow people involved to be exactly themselves. honor the golden rule as the only rule. we will give ourselves and others space and grace. I work with many other practitioners and guides that have skills to teach within the vastness of our natural world. These guides will change according to the theme of the retreat. Each journey involves an intuitive, personalized schedule that will be created from each of the participant’s questionnaires. I will build time to process and reflect (free time) in our days together. We will be flexible and follow the energy of the group. We will all have a voice. We will all be the light. We will appreciate our work as a collective and have skills to head back out into our worlds.
    • Shared and Sometimes Private Accommodations • Breakfast, Snack Lunch and Dinner (high-quality, nutrient-dense foods) • Non-Alcoholic Beverages • Daily Yoga + Meditation • Daily Artistic Creation • Guided Excursion (if applicable)
    This is my project to create a gift, one experience at a time. I believe there’s room for everyone at the table. When I haven’t thought there was room, I realized it was time to hold up a mirror and reflect on my own insecurities and limiting beliefs. We’re walking conundrums aren’t we? Living oxymoron's. Breathing paradoxes. So with this, how can we be so quick to cancel or jump to a conclusion? How in the world is it possible to say, “You choose this so you must be this way”? Yet we do it all the time. Somehow we’re living in a culture where this seems to be normal. I want to expose this kind of limiting thought process as the ridiculousness that it is. Not by waving red flags or protesting against but by being and teaching what I am for, what I believe in and want to see more of. Let's focus on what we do want instead of the opposite. Let’s tap into our Deed Seeded Souls to heal and grow into who we are truly meant to be.
    If we have to cancel the retreat for any reason, 100% of your funds will be returned. If you cancel up to 30 days in advance of the retreat, 95% of your funds will be returned. Cancellation within 30 days of the retreat will result in a loss of deposit with half of the deposit eligible as credit for another retreat.
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