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Artist Statement

As a self-taught artist, I rely on feeling and intuition. I am a spiritual being and believe in the guidance of Spirit and my Higher Self to execute my artistry. The more I create, the more insight into the world I gain, the more of my true self I discover. I start from a place deep within me, and if it is not readily accessible, I use play to find that place. I play outdoors to find treasures for my assemblages. I play with my paints and pencils to bring life to my blank canvases and I play with pastels to bring personality to faces we depend on for so much happiness. 


Pastel Pet Portraits

My love of animals and pets is transferred into every customized Pastel Pet Portrait. These paintings are a product of the need for tactile
expression and pure fun!


Assemblage + Collage feels like a calling to my creativity and becomes a language from my soul to the world.


The flow of wet brush to paper is like no other. The element of surprise when the moving water and pigment dry is my favorite. For me, there's rarely a predicted outcome with watercolor. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Sitting down to a simple sketch brings me such peace and ease. This is one of my many forms of meditation.

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