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The Many Hats of Kimmi Moake

We are ever evolving. At least one would hope we are capable. I started this life as a little girl from east Texas that questioned everything. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe anyone or anything. It’s just that I have always innately known there is much more to the world around me than what I was being shown. I’ve spent my entire life trying to get in touch with the more. 


I am a seeker. I thrive on change. I need growth. I love self-awareness and discovery. I am a mover and a shaker, in every sense imaginable. This has led me to travel all around the world and spend many o’ miles behind the wheel and on foot. I love to eat and seek fresh foods prepared by hand. I find sitting down to a meal with others offers me the chance to understand a culture. I love to gather and have deep, meaningful conversations and delicious experiences. 


All these things: adventure, food, curiosity and gratitude and much, much more have led me to where I am today.  

Yoga, my longest form of work, has given me awareness of self, with the capacity to breathe and move through any situation. I have practiced nearly half my life and taught for a short time less. The time on my mat, and with my teachers and students, has given me a unique connection with my body, helping me feel my way through life. I’ve found that when I sit still inside myself, I get answers. My meditation practice gives me peace and clarity. It’s a practice for sure and through both yoga and meditation, I now understand the importance of meeting each person where they are; and meeting myself with grace no matter where I am. This can be different throughout a day, and for sure a lifetime. 


Connection doesn’t end with self. Mother Nature always has lessons for us doesn’t she? How can we be in rhythm with the world around us if we aren’t feeling the pulse of the earth? 


I’ve been getting dirty since I was a wee tot. My mom always sent us out to play and my dad let us “bathe” in the pond. I am very fortunate to have had a childhood full of big skies and tall grasses, with every kind of critter to experience in between. After hiking the Georgia Appalachian Trail as a teenager, I knew I wanted to make a difference in how humans are affecting the earth. Moving from Texas to Washington to complete university gave me a grand experience of what it was like to live in such harmony with the land. Interestingly enough, it gave me balance in all kinds of ways. 


It was a shock to move back to the Texas coast from the Northwest, where a healthy lifestyle was so easily maintained. After receiving the wise advice, “shit or get off the pot,” I decided to be a pioneer in my little town of Rockport, Texas. If I couldn’t source my lifestyle with ease, I decided to become the source, and Kimmi’s Fine Foods was born and existed for seven wonderful years. 


I’ve been what some call a sabbatical since late 2018. I call it an enrichment or transfiguration. This break from the everyday has expanded me beyond what I ever dreamed was possible. I spent time snipping, burning, praying, moving and digging to get rid of the baggage (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) that I no longer wanted to carry.  Exploring myself through creativity has given me a gift like no other. Creative expression through visual arts helps me process all kinds of things and I have come closer to my intuition leading the way. 

I am by no means anywhere near done with my education of life and self. All my exploring, learning and unlearning have brought me to, well, me, and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I’m standing strong in myself. I’m choosing me over anyone else and I don’t sacrifice my happiness any longer. My goal is to live a life of quality and integrity and surround myself with those who are choosing the same. I am allowing my spirit to guide me through my days and I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of goodness will happen next! I think my greatest compliment has been, “I want Kimmi to be my spirit animal.” To me, this means I am fun, yet grounded. Wild, yet peaceful. Realistic, yet magical. We can be anything we want to be and I’m choosing to be the best Kimmi this life can muster. If they haven’t already, I look forward to the part of the journey where my path meets yours.

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